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The Mathematics Concept, Problems Of Mathematics, And The Solution Of Mathematics Which Still Wearied Until This Time.

Calculus (from Latin mean “small rock) as the branch of mathematics science which including limit, differential, integral, and uncountable deret. Calculus has large application an science and technique and used to solve the complex problems where only using technique of elementary algebra is doesn’t enough to solved. Calculus has two interest branchs, differential calculus and integral calculus which interacted each other by the base theorem of Calculus.
The history of the expand of Calculus could saw by some period that is ancient era, middle era, and modern era. On ancient era, some idea about integral has been expanded well and systematically. To counting volume and wide which is the interest function from integral calculus can traced again on Egypt Papyrus Moscow (c. 1800 BC) where Egypt people count volume by frustrum pyramid. Archimedes expand his idea more and more again and getting heuristic which look like integral calculus.
On the middle era, Indian mathematician, Ayabhata using the concept of uncountable little on 499 and expressed the problems of astronomy on the basic differential equation shape. On the modern era, the independence discovery happened on the early of 17th century in Japan by mathematician like as Seki Kowa. In Europe, some mathematician like John Wallis and Isaac Barrow giving breakthrough on Calculus. James Gregory prove a special case from basic theorem of calculus on 1668.
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz for the early was alleged plagiarizing the masterpiece of Sir Isaac Newton which never published, but until this time often assumed by the contributor of calculus which also used to get understanding which more detail about space, time, and motion. For many centuries, mathematician and philosopher try to solve the paradox which embosoming the divided of zero number or the count if uncountable deret. An ancient Greek philosopher giving some famous example like paradox of Zeno. Calculus giving solution, specially on limit and uncountable deret, which then success to solve the paradox.

Phi number (π)
Phi is a number which still often be asked, phi = 22/7 or 3,14 with the number with counting of circle wide, the circle of circle or which related with circle. Nowadays phi = 22/7 = 3.1428571428571428571428571428571………..often rounded upbecome 3,14 is comparison size measure circle of circle with radian diameter. It means that if we count the circle of circle then compared with the diameter so the result is 22 related with 7. the phi number like that called irrational number which including to the real number category.

The Mathematics Concept, Problems Of Mathematics, And The Solution Of Mathematics Which Didn’t Wearied by This Time.
Sabak Numerator

Since wearing with using gravel which residing in to the top and bottom of winnow line marked by Romawi number according to the columns. Every gravel in the bottom of line in column on extreme right counting as a unit, and every gravel in the up of line valued by five. If the count valued as 10, a gravel bring in to the right. The table in the bottom view the count equal to 256.317 sheeps.

The Mathematics Concept, Problems Of Mathematics, And The Solution Of Mathematics Which Has No Relation With Mathematic.
I haven’t found the mathematics Concept, problems of Mathematics, and the Solution of Mathematics which has no Relation with Mathematics.

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The Foundation of Matematics

The Foundation of Matematics consist of mathematical logic, axiomatic set theory, proof theory, model theory, and recursion theory.Thre are related to philosofi of matematics.
Philosofi of matematics consist of :
“Platonists, such as Kurt Gödel, hold that numbers are abstract, necessarily existing objects, independent of the human mind”[1]
“Formalists, such as David Hilbert (1862–1943), hold that mathematics is no more or less than mathematical language. It is simply a series of games...” [1]
“Intuitionists, such as L. E. J. Brouwer (1882–1966), hold that mathematics is a creation of the human mind. Numbers, like fairy tale characters, are merely mental entities, which would not exist if there were never any human minds to think about them.” [1]
The Foundation Of Matematics :
1) Strong : example geometri in Ingland to be foundation of matematics
2) Viewless :
Epistimologi : learn the science of mathematics resources.(Emanuel Khan)
Based on Critical Thinking
1. Syntetic apriory : not see the person can understand. The science obtained from Kontradiktion.
2. Analitic.


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About Diederik Korteweg and Gustav de Vries

Diederik Korteweg is a dutch mathematician. Diederik Korteweg's father is a judge in 's-Hertogenbosch in the south of The Netherlands.His father send to school him in a military academy.But Diederik Korteweg feel is not be balmy learnt over there.So,he decided to make against a military career and, making the first of his changes of direction, he began his studies at the Polytechnical School of Delft.Because his love of mathematics,he decided to concentrated to mathematics.And than he become a teacher in a high school.One of his students is Gustav de Vries.
Gustav de Vries is a dutch mathematician.Gustav de Vries with Diederik Korteweg discovered the Korteweg-de Vries equation (KdV equation).
The history of the KdV equation started with experiments by John Scott Russell in 1834, followed by theoretical investigations by Lord Rayleigh and Joseph Boussinesq around 1870 and, finally, Korteweg and De Vries in 1895.
The KdV equation has several connections to physical problems. In addition to being the governing equation of the string in the Fermi–Pasta–Ulam problem in the continuum limit, it approximately describes the evolution of long, one-dimensional waves in many physical settings, including:
• shallow-water waves with weakly non-linear restoring forces,
• long internal waves in a density-stratified ocean,
• ion-acoustic waves in a plasma,
• acoustic waves on a crystal lattice,
• and more.
The KdV equation can also be solved using the inverse scattering transform such as those applied to the non-linear Schrödinger equation.

About Leonardo Fibonacci

Leonardo fibonacci is Italian mathematician that introducing arabic numeral system. His father Guglielmo was nicknamed Bonaccio.Leonardo's mother, Alessandra, died when he was nine years old.
Leonardo do the travel to north afrika but on the way Leonardo find that number system arab is more practically in using than number romawi.Then he studied that science.At 1202, in age of 27, he write down that have been studied in book "Liber Abaci”. This book greeted by literate clan of Europe,The book advocated numeration with the digits 0–9 and place value.This numeral system disseminate to all worlds angles.